Sold out show with Valdy

"Nicole's singing is so moving it draws everybody into every song she sing."
- Ron Murphy, Canoe FM


Rehearsing with Rick Haynes

- Gordon Lightfoot's bassist


Nicole Lisa Craig Concert

Why don't you care (remake) - The single

- Released November 2015

- Bonus track on reprint of

       Strong Enough For Love 

Influences (Music innovators)


Sept 7             Crosscurrents concert series

Oct 19             Algonquin Theatre

Apr 7/19        Old Church Theatre

May 4/19      Crystal Palace - County Pop

Summer '19 Wellington - Music in the Park

Summer '19 Cobourg - Music in the Park

Nov 9//19     Acoustic Blend Cafe  concert series 

I love me The single

released February 2016 


Life isn't perfect and we should all just close our eyes and enjoy the not-so-perfect experience of life with "The Game".​

​Management and Bookings

Alex Craig

Lift Released January 2017 

​14 tracks

I absolutely love this piece as it's so uplifting to read ​about that one woman who lost her husband and about all the unique little venues you played....and about overcoming claustrophobia to play the cave.

Let the memories of "The RiverBoat" in Yorkville resonate as Nicole performs the hits of the late 60's and early 70's when Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and many others made the Toronto coffee house scene launch many Canadian folk legends.  




The Coffeehouse Folk Revival Concert

DAVID HENMAN (Lead guitar)... Juno award winner, Canadian Hall of Fame inductee and

co-founder of April Wine.

DONALD QUAN (Percussion and Viola)... He was nominated for 4 Gemini Awards and had performed  with Loreena McKennitt and Lighthouse. 

HOWARD BAER (Upright bass) ...  Juno winner and 5 time Juno nominee. 

TOM NAGY (Bass) ..... Opened for George Thorogood at Massey Hall and has performed with Flamenco guitarist and host of "The Shot", Juneyt Yetkiner.


CHRIS HESS.... Recorded members of Sass Jordan, Kim Mitchell, Honeymoon Suite and nominated for awards in the Canadian Folk Music Awards, Ontario Music, and Film Awards, Socan Awards, Juno'Awards, Q107, etc.. His father Wolf Hess, recorded Richy Havens, Murray Mclauglan, Loreena Mckennit, and many other Canadian and International artist.

DEREK DOWNHAM.....  Has performed/recorded with Alex Lifeson (Rush), Serena Ryder, Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo), Sam Roberts, Lights,  Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene),  Ron Sexsmith,  Rik Emmett (Triumph), and many others. He is also the drummer for The Beauties.

SEAN PADDISON..... His primary focus is creating music that leaves the listener feeling gratified, uplifted and emotionally moved. 

STEVE SHERMAN.....Three-time The Blues Awards nominee for Corey Lueck & The Smoke Wagon Blues Band


"Nicole brings a charming warmth to her shows..." 
                  - Rick Dutkiewicz Haynes, 

                                          Gordon Lightfoot's bassist

REQUIREMENTS (Venues 200+)

Specialty Show

Featured show for Lightfoot Day's

​Live at the Orillia Opera House 

Mar 3/19     Georgian Shore United Church

Apr 18/19    Hensall Hall

Answers to why

The single

released August 2013 

- Bonus track on reprint of

              Why Don`t You Care

Loreena McKennitt, Sarah Brightman,  Jesse Cook, Led Zeppelin, Enya, and Florence + the Machine.

Social Media Outlets: 4,500+

CD sales are nearing 3,000
100+  (3 SOLD OUT shows)

Ticket price:  $15-30

Shows: 500+

Record Label: Diamond Sky Records




Why don't you care

released June 1, 2012

​11 tracks 

​(bonus track 2013)


IN THE PRESS {Pull Quotes}

I think there is so much turmoil in people’s souls but Nicole's music has the spirit to lift the masses to a better place. 

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Lighting and sound engineer [unless agreed otherwise]

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Merchandising area

SOLD OUT show (Utopia Hall)

Genre: Easy Listening, Chamber Pop and Folk Pop
Synth guitar, acoustic and harp
Toronto, Canada

Nicole Lisa Craig is a compassionate musician who lends her angelic voice to ENTERTAIN,  INSPIRE, and LIFT people to a better state of mind.  Her performances feature ethereal vocals and smooth guitar picking, blending elements of Folk Pop, Classical, World, and Alternative. Nicole Lisa Craig is classical trained at the Royal Conservatory which includes alumni Sarah McLachlan, Diana Krall, and David Foster.

Nicole's three studio albums have been added to 150+ radio stations around the world with her track "City at dusk" hitting #1 on Q108's Kingston 2017 charts.

Nicole has shared the stage with folk legend Valdy and has performed with Gordon Lightfoot's bass player Rick Dutkiewicz Haynes.

Nicole has performed in places like The Orillia Opera House, Lindsay Academy Theatre, Algonquin Theatre, Old Church Theatre, and The Hughs Room. She has also entertained guest at Bobcaygeon Craft Beer Festival, Canada Blooms, several music in the parks across Ontario, and the Niagara Lavender Festival which reached 20,000 people in a weekend.

Nicole traveled 50,000 km and performed 150 shows in 2017 and she's making 2018 bigger as her fans shared their excitement of discovery and spread the word. The buzz is in the air.

Orillia Museum of Art and History hired Nicole to perform the Flavours of Mariposa exhibit celebrating the sights and sounds of the Mariposa Folk Festival.

Strong enough for love

​released August 2014
6 tracks

(bonus track 2015)


There is no better way to celebrate the life of a Canadian icon than Lightfoot Days. Nicole is at the Orillia Opera house (page 56 of the Muskoka edition)

PRESS PHOTOS (Download EPK zip file)

The Complete Collection Released May 2018

33 tracks


It's Nicole's lilting voice that will whisk you away as she works her magic. (go to page 20)


Sold out show Utopia Hall

Following Nicole’s career over the last year has been an absolute joy for me as a writer, a musician, and a woman. 

With David Henman

(Co-founder of April Wine)