CANOE FM  Haliburton ON has repeatedly 

recorded Nicole live in front of a live captivated audience

Nicole Lisa Craig write songs that tug on your heart strings, and brings both tears and smiles in its wake.

- Kathryn Parker

I just got and listened to your new CD LIFT. Magical does not even describe it!! It made my day!

- Helen Copeland 

Nicole Lisa Craig I love me

Nicole's music has been played on over 150 RADIO STATIONS around the world...

Nicole Lisa Craig Why don't you care
Nicole Lisa Craig Why don't you care remix

Nicole Lisa Craig


Nicole Lisa Craig Answers to why

Lift Released January 2017 

​14 tracks

Nicole Lisa Craig Strong enough for love

En Vivo with Renzo is extending Nicole's reach

into Latin America. 


"City at dusk" is a #1 hit on the 2017 charts at Q108  Kingston .

I love me The single

released February 2016 

Nicole Lisa Craig Lift

Answers to why

The single

released August 2013

Why don't you care (remake) - The single

released November 2015

CFMU 93.3 Hamilton ON - Interviewed multiple times on the Freewheelin Folk show.​

Why don't you care

released June 1, 2012

​11 tracks

Strong enough for love

​released August 2014